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Stanfield Nursing Home carers are at the heart of our Worcester care home. We are proud to celebrate our hard-working and compassionate team.

Providing Person-Centred Care at Stanfield Nursing Home

Our nursing home carers follow a particular ethos. Person-centred care positions those we care for as an individual first. Any disorders, diseases or health conditions they may be experiencing come second.

Our team tailor all care plans to the individual, rather than being implemented across multiple people. This could include things like knowing a person’s interests and hobbies, what food they prefer to eat and at what time. Our nursing home carers understand that there are unique differences between people and provide their nursing care accordingly.

We require all our nursing home staff to be up to date with their qualifications. This also includes the continuous development of their skills and understanding of dementia care, rest of life care and general elderly care.

Stanfield achieves and maintains this through our long-standing continuous training and development programme, the Care Certificate.

This ensures quality care at all times. It also provides loved ones and their families the assurance that the staff looking after them have the skills and knowledge needed to provide care in a safe and compassionate way.

The Importance of Continuity of Nursing Home Carers

We combine person-centred care with the concept of continuity of care. This is an important part of our overall ethos.

It is the ability for our nursing home carers to have a social relationship with the people we care for, not just carry out their required duties. As staff will have many interactions with people over time, this creates a sense of familiarity that can ease certain stresses of moving into a care home.

Stanfield Nursing Home has upheld high staff retention rates for over 32 years. This enables us to continuously meet and improve the needs of individuals. As they gain more understanding and knowledge of a person, the quality of care improves.

Worcester Nursing Care

If you are interested in finding out more information about Stanfield Nursing Home and our carers, please visit our website today. Alternatively, you can call 01905 420 459 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team. You can also check out our social media for daily updates.

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