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At Stanfield Nursing Home, we use person-centred care principles from the work of Professor Tom Kitwood. He took the theory of Carl Rogers and adapted it to suit the wider functions of living outside of the therapy world including aspects of cognitive loss and the world of nursing care in general.

What is Person-Centred Care?

Person-centred care is a way of providing care to people by focusing on the person’s uniqueness and preferences. It does not focus on the person’s disease or symptoms. Instead, we look at the individual strengths, challenges and the person’s lost abilities to tailor our nursing care.

In other words, person-centred care principles recognise that there is much more to the person than simply a dementia diagnosis.

The Principles of Person-Centred Care

One element of Professor Kitwood’s work is the concept of personhood. This is the quality or condition of being an individual person. At Stanfield, our staff model this basic ethos every single day.

Our demand of ourselves is to give people a rich life at Stanfield Nursing Home. As well as recognising the varied lives they have lived before coming to stay with us.

Although other care homes may consider person-centred care principles in slightly different ways, many of us share the same values.

Respecting the individual is one of the most important. It involves recognising unique qualities and incorporating them into the care plan. For example, communicating with people in a respectful way, listening to what they have to say and taking on board their input.

Understanding their experiences and goals can help you gain a deeper understanding of the individual and allow you to further tailor the care. Take time to learn about their life experience, their present aspirations and their goals for the future.

Giving responsibility is one of the core aspects of Stanfield nursing care. We want those we care for to live as independently as possible. We help people perform as many everyday activities by themselves as possible.

Why is Person-Centred Care Important?

All of these things help to inform the nursing care we deliver. From understanding a person’s food likes and dislikes, to knowing about their preferred hobbies. By treating the people we care for as individuals we give them care that best meets their unique needs.

By delivering person-centred care principles, people we care for can benefit from…

  • More tailored care plans to suit their specific needs
  • Working towards important goals
  • Independence and responsibility
  • Feeling more positive about the service they are receiving

Contacting Stanfield Nursing Home

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