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Matron’s Surgery

Here at Stanfield Nursing Home in Worcester

We pride ourselves on delivering excellent care and support for both our residents and their loved ones. It is very important to us that we create a home-from-home environment.

As a result, we can ensure our residents can feel as relaxed and as comfortable as possible when living with us.

We want to achieve the best levels of nursing home care at Stanfield Nursing Home. Therefore, in addition to regular contact with Registered Nurses on a daily basis, we offer our Matron’s Surgery. Usually the surgery is held on a Friday by our  Registered Manager, Judy Hillbrook.

Matron’s Surgery offers a dedicated time, above the daily life of the Nursing Home, when you can be assured of sufficient time being available for a private discussion to be held about your loved one. Matron’s Surgery is in addition to the daily relationship with our staff who will always react to your comments immediately.

We have been caring for people for over thirty years. As a result of this experience, we understand the level of passion and dedication that needs to go into delivering high standards of nursing home care.
We hope that with the support of the Matron’s Surgery too, we can offer a person-centred approach of care. At the same time, providing plenty of support for the family of loved ones too.

In order to arrange an appointment, please call Karen or Lisa 01905 420459 who will be happy to facilitate this.