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Nursing Homes offer various services and Stanfield Nursing Home is exactly that – a home.

Therefore, it is important to us that our residents continue to lead as independent a life as they are able. So, we take pride in providing a wide range of services to enable our residents to continue to conduct their life in the same way as they did before they came to stay with us.


We aim to make a resident feel special every day and particularly on their birthday. That’s why we always provide a birthday card and cake for them unless requested not to do so.


A visiting hairdressing service is available within the Home and is competitively priced. Alternatively, residents are welcome to make personal arrangements. However, the Home will assist in either arrangement.

Laundry service

Here at our nursing home in Worcester we manage our own laundry service and provide a free service for residents’ personal clothing. However, we advise in our admission information the quantity and type of clothing which is ideal for use. We would also ask specifically that you mark all clothing with the individual’s name and is not of a dry clean only fabric. We will provide all other linen which our residents may require.

Library books

St John’s Library provides a service to the Home and has a wide selection of large print books available for ease of reading. This service is available on request.


Newspapers and magazines are delivered. We can order specific choices, which will be delivered and charged for on a monthly basis.

Personal telephones

Here at the Home, generally we provide socket outlets in most rooms; however, connection and associated costs are the responsibility of the resident.

Spiritual needs

Stanfield Nursing Home supports all spiritual needs. In fact, at present local churches are providing a visiting service and the Eucharist is celebrated within the Home for all who wish to participate. However, for those residents for whom church attendance is key, we liaise with loved ones to facilitate this.


We have communal televisions and radios in our principal lounge and sitting rooms. In fact, if residents wish, they may use a television in their own rooms as our care home is equipped throughout with TV reception. However, in the case of a private television the requirement for a license still exists. Although in many cases this is free. Further information is available about this requirement from the Administration Assistant.


Toiletries are a personal choice and should be available in sufficient quantity for the residents to use. However, we will advise when supplies are getting low. Your help in this matter is much appreciated.

Nursing homes and the services provided are crucial in ensuring your loved ones happiness. Therefore, here at our care home Worcester we aim to provide everything our residents need, and more.