Admission Policy

About us

Are you considering a Nursing Home? Whether you are looking for yourself or a family member, choosing a suitable nursing home can be a difficult decision. If you are considering Stanfield Nursing Home, we encourage you to visit us at any time. You can view the home at first hand and we can answer all your questions.

Prior to admission

Before we can admit someone to the home, our Matron, Patricia Morris and Richard White (Stanfield Nursing Home's owner) complete an assessment of needs and suitability. The assessment considers whether we are able to offer the level of care the individual will need.

The assessment takes place in the person's home or in hospital at a mutually convenient time. All relevant information is gathered from the individual, the family or carer and the multidisciplinary team. Following this assessment, we make a decision based on:

  • the person's present and future needs
  • the physical accommodation needed
  • staff implications
  • present resident population
  • registration considerations
  • the person's mental capacity (in line with the Mental Capacity Act)

The assessment is an open document and can be read by the person in question as well as their next of kin.

Admission Nursing Home

Once we have agreed that the person’s needs can be met, we invite them to be cared for. The first month’s stay is classified as a trial period.

At the end of this first month, we conduct a review to ensure that all parties are satisfied that care should continue. If everyone is satisfied, we invite the individual to stay. We respect their right to change their mind at any time.

If the individual does not wish to stay at our nursing home during or after the trial period, we provide assistance and support to the resident and their family in finding a more appropriate placement.