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Here is one of our latest videos featured on our You Tube channel:


Meet Richard White our Stanfield Nursing Home Director, here he discusses rest of life care:

“A phrase which is very, very dear to my heart and one that I use frequently within the nursing home when I’m talking to my staff, when I’m talking to people who are looking to find a nursing home for their loved one and that is what I call rest of life care. Language is incredibly important it conveys good things, bad things, misunderstandings, understandings it conveys all sorts of things and its often very easy to get the language wrong.

The common expression I often hear is ‘end of life care’, to me, I understand why it’s used but it’s inappropriate.

We care for people who are in their final stages of their life. Which has often been a very long and rich life. Sometimes very regrettably they’re much younger and it’s a shorter period that we’re caring for them. But we are often called to support people, it used to be ten years now its on average around about eighteen months.”

Please watch the video in full to hear why rest of life care is so important to us at Stanfield.

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