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Dementia Care at Stanfield Nursing Home

Caring for people living with dementia brings a unique set of challenges. At our Worcester nursing home, we care for people who need our support on a daily basis. So we have a high level of expertise in all areas.

Many people at Stanfield experience different forms of dementia, from Alzheimer’s, vascular dementia and sometimes mixed dementia diagnosis. Our nursing home staff have a particular skill for understanding the continual fluctuations in how daily life is experienced by those living with dementia.

Care Home Activities

Caring for dementia can take many forms. For some, this could include spending time in our dementia sensory garden. People may choose to do some gardening or relax and listen to the water flowing in our fountain.

We also ensure there are multiple activities going on throughout each day. Activities in care homes have been proven to help alleviate the experiences that come with dementia symptoms. They encourage people to stay social, active and engaged with their surroundings.

Here are just a few of the activities we like to do:

  • Gentle exercise, including chair-based
  • Karaoke
  • Pamper days
  • Crafting
  • Musical performances
  • Film afternoon

Finding the right activity that suits people’s hobbies and interests is how we provide person-centred activities.

Using Photos to Trigger Memories for Dementia Patients

Chatting with people is something we do every day at our care home in Worcestershire. But when caring for people with dementia, this is vital to their daily life.

We often use family photos for people living with dementia. Often people with dementia can face issues with communication. When issues like this arise, we find photos to be a very powerful tool. They help people to express feelings and revisit happy memories.

People living with dementia have experienced long and rich lives. However, the nature of cognitive decline causes issues with memory recall. Because of this, sometimes people may be talking about a time in their life that they can’t fully remember. As part of developing our specialist dementia care over the years, we find that people rarely forget their photos.

Using photos when caring for people with dementia is very important to ensuring people remain comfortable and feel relaxed in their environment. We actively encourage loved ones to bring photos into our care home, not just for people with dementia but for everyone we care for, will all types of health conditions.

Person-Centred Dementia Care

Through a person-centred approach, we provide outstanding levels of care for those experiencing dementia. The Stanfield team are highly qualified and dedicated to supporting your loved ones. We are in a very privileged position caring for people with dementia.

If you are interested in finding out more information about Stanfield Nursing Home, please visit our website today. Alternatively, you can call 01905 420 459 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team. You can also check out our social media for daily updates.

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