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Not everyone is cut out to be a nurse, carer or support worker. In order to provide quality care services, a good care worker requires certain skills and training. Sometimes these traits must be learned and sometimes they can just come naturally.

As a care home in Worcester with over 30 years of experience, we have witnessed many traits that enhance the care our team provides. Every member of our staff takes a personal interest in each of our residents. Their health, happiness and safety are at the heart of everything we do.

10 Important Skills in Carers


Patience is key when being responsible for vulnerable people. They may be slower at moving and understanding things so remaining calm and patient is incredibly important.

2. A Cheery Demeanour

In cases where a carer might be the only contact someone has in a day, a smile is the best and most powerful gift you can give. Quality care can make a real difference to people’s lives and is never without those who are friendly and personable.

3. The Ability To Multitask

Often carers can work alone or as part of small teams, which can lead to them frequently having lots to do. Good care skills require effective management of more than one task at once whilst ensuring that the level of care they provide remains high.

4. Being Able To Think Quickly

The very nature of care means that things can change quickly. Therefore, the ability to think on your feet and deal with unexpected occurrences and difficult situations can be invaluable – and can even save lives.

5. Punctuality

This is especially crucial in nursing home environments. At Stanfield, we plan activity calendars each month which residents plan their day around. If a carer is late it can be disruptive and disappointing.

6. Willingness To Learn

Good carers should never be satisfied with their level of training or ability. The drive to learn more and progress further facilitates quality care services and creates a positive environment for all.

7. Being A Good Listener

Naturally people receiving care often have stories to tell or feel they need someone to talk to. Good carers take the time to listen. This includes listening to feedback they receive and any issues patients may share with them.

8. Kindness And Empathy

A little kindness goes a long way. When a carer is able to put themselves in the shoes of other people they can truly appreciate what a difference they can make.

9. Willingness To Go The Extra Mile

Sometimes carers may find themselves staying past their clocking off time to properly attend to people. They’ll sit for longer as people talk about their family or ensure quality care if it is required for longer.

10. Being Able To Take Responsibility

Ultimately carers have great responsibility placed upon their shoulders. This may involve fully accepting any mistakes they make and taking something from errors rather than blaming others.

At Stanfield Nursing Home we have the pleasure of a team with every single one of these qualities. Read more about these qualities in this UK care guide.

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