Nursing Homes in the UK | Being bilingual could slow down dementia

Nursing Homes in the UK, such as Stanfield have received information that being bilingual could slow down dementia and be more effective than strong drugs. The overview of the study suggests that.. - Being bilingual exercises the mind - May have a stronger effect on dementia than traditional drugs - Bilingual patients tended to develop…
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Stanfield Nursing Home – Latest News

At Stanfield Nursing Home this month Ruth, one of our residents achieved her 100th Birthday.  She celebrated in style with her family, and gave an incredibly lively speech. Ruth joins Jenny, another resident, who is 101 and looking forward to her 102nd Birthday soon.  Congratulations! Yvonne, one of the home's activities leads has commenced planning…
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Nursing Homes Worcestershire | Elderly patients get personal NHS worker

Nursing Homes Worcestershire Stanfield Nursing Home, hopefully along with other nursing homes Worcestershire, supports the statement from the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt stating that each patient will have their own dedicated NHS dementia worker. His statement said that.. 'Every vulnerable elderly person in England will have a personal NHS dementia worker who will be responsible…
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