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As a dementia care specialist, we are constantly aiming to raise the bar for dementia care in Worcestershire at our dementia care home. Dementia support means that specialist dementia care homes such as Stanfield Nursing Home are able to understand and truly care for elderly people who have dementia. As we lead up to Christmas, many families will be living with a member who has dementia or visiting specialist dementia care homes such as Stanfield to see loved ones.

To help you and your elderly loved one have a great festive period, we’ve put together a brief list of some Christmas goodies that will help brighten up your family days together.

As a dementia care specialist, we know that a firm favourite during Christmas is the Christmas sing song. Buying music for a loved one with dementia is one of the surefire ways of communicating with them in the best way. By having fun.

A dementia care home such as Stanfield Nursing Home has a specialism in providing music for those who need dementia care. It’s well known that music manages to reach parts of the brain – even when damaged by dementia – that other forms of communication are unable to do. Music unlocks long hidden memories and enables dementia support to have a healing effect. For residents, families and our nursing staff, music, particularly during the Christmas period, is a hugely cathartic experience.

Elsewhere, during the festive period, we encourage families to bring in old scrap books and anything else that can trigger memories of happier times. As a dementia care specialist, we’ve found that you can go one better and pull together all those memories by building the scrap book together. This is hugely beneficial for dementia support. Your elderly loved one can help you to make a memory box by searching through old photographs, drawings, records and other memorabilia. They can then be keepsakes forever.

Also don’t forget that specialist dementia care homes such as Stanfield Nursing Home can give you all the necessary support when it comes to having some Christmas cheer with your loved on. Our staff are very experienced and highly trained in supporting people with dementia. They have been trained to provide the appropriate elderly care and will also help you to enjoy yourselves with us during the festive season.

Several members of staff have diplomas in dementia care and are acknowledged professionals at specialist dementia support and dementia care.  

If you’re interested in finding out more about dementia care from specialist dementia care homes such as Stanfield Nursing Home, please call us on 01905 420 459 or email  contact-form@stanfieldnursing.co.uk.