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This year, Christmas at our Worcestershire care home will be all about ‘making and not buying’. We’ve moved away from the commercial chaos and embraced a more slower paced and considered approach with our theme of creating the joy of Christmas rather than simply buying it…and it’s already turning out to be magical!

The Importance of Making the joy of Christmas and not buying it at our Worcestershire Care Home

It’s important to myself and all of the team at Stanfield, that all of our care home Worcester residents can get involved. The idea of ‘making not buying’ our Christmas struck me as a theme that would enable that to happen. Each one of our residents has their own individual needs and so providing activities for the elderly which they can all participate in aligns with our care home ethos.

We wanted to choose things that would be inclusive and create Christmas with a personal touch. To that end, we are getting the Stanfield Nursing Home residents involved in activities such as making paper chain decorations and other things they would remember from their childhoods. They’ll also be helping our cook to weigh out ingredients for Christmas cakes and lots more festive food delights.

As well as being fitting for our theme, making and crafting is important for other reasons. I’ve written previously about how we recognised, and subsequently co-conducted research with the University of Worcester into, the effects of Sound Therapy on dementia sufferers. The benefits of arts and crafts in keeping our brain stimulated are also similarly well documented.

Crafting has positive effects on those suffering with impaired cognitive function, for example as a result of diseases such as Alzheimer’s dementia, and their families.

Not only are they great activities to share in doing with an elderly person but they bring therapeutic benefits too. It creates space for focused activity that can be very relaxing for someone who’s normal state may be one of illness induced anxiety.

Crafting can help to improve concentration and attention. It provides an opportunity for a sense of achievement, a means of expression – especially when there may be obstacles to verbal communication because of conditions such as dementia. But not only that, it might be the discovery – or rediscovery – of an artistic talent.

Some of the benefits of participating in activities with a loved one who may be suffering from dementia, as detailed by the Alzheimer’s Society, include:

  • maintaining a good relationship with that person
  • providing mutual enjoyment
  • fostering a greater/stronger sense of companionship.

If you’re looking for further arts and crafts inspiration for activities you can do with a loved one during the festive period, the activities to share website has some great options. Or have a look at 10 stimulating activities for Alzheimer patients.

In addition to crafting, we’ve turned the grounds of our Worcestershire residential care home into a Winter Wonderland! In the courtyard the grass has been spray painted white and there’s a grotto set up. We are able to create such a magical festive area thanks to the kind donations of various items, and of time, from our residents’ families and our local suppliers. They are all passionate about getting involved – we even have Santa coming to visit to give out presents on Christmas Day!

All of our Worcestershire care home residents’ families are encouraged to participate in our ‘making not buying’ theme and to come and visit in the run up to, and throughout, Christmas. We are always delighted to welcome you to Stanfield.

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Richard White

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