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These videos about the history of Stanfield Nursing Home and our nursing care in Worcestershire are available on our YouTube Channel.

Our director Richard White talks about what it’s like to own and run an independent care home that is also a listed building.

Stanfield House with it’s gorgeous Georgian features and beautiful character adds to the homely atmosphere that you find here.

With it being a listed building, this makes you responsible not only for the people who we care for here, but also the house too.

Looking at Stanfield House, the building reminds Richard of himself and the people we care for at our Worcester nursing home. It’s moving through life, and it needs lots of tender loving care.

Richard bought the nursing home in 1987 and it was the first time he’d personally owned a listed building. With it came great responsibility, just like the people being cared for. Having been used to doing lots of alterations to buildings, the way he wanted to, now having to consult with a lot of people each time he wanted to do something was quite a shock, particulary as many held different views.

To create the care home in mind, serving residents to the highest of standards, it was very clear and important that moving forward would require a level of balance with the listed building officer and other interested parties.

The original parts of the house date back to 1546 and was the former Bishop’s residence of Worcestershire.

It was listed in 1957, for one reason in particular, the rather extravagant bay window, off the large sitting room. What a beautiful window it is and we treat it with tender loving care to keep it in great condition.

The house was a private house for a very many years. The last person who owned it, before it was a nursing home, was a Dr. Cavanaugh. He had lived here for many years with joy and happiness.After the ownership of Dr. Cavanaugh, the house was converted to a nursing home by a qualified and very ambitious nurse. She had absolutely no money, but she had a passion to convert the house into a nursing home.The nurse was a very interesting character, but her overambitious ideas had caused her to hit a brick wall. To repay the money she had spent on converting the building, she needed to sell the house.Being in the privileged position of being able to buy a very beautiful house, at a sensible price, Richard took on Stanfield House.You may also like to read how we made magic at Christmas here at Stanfield Nursing Home.

If you are considering nursing home care in Worcester for yourself or a loved one, you are most welcome to call us on 01905 420 459 or arrange to come and have a look around our home and gardens.