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Here is a video from our YouTube channel. Richard White, our Stanfield Nursing Home Director, talks about the Importance of Training staff in nursing homes.

‘If you think of us within the whole of the health economy, well I see UK nursing home care as part of that economy. We’re actually a colossal part, there are more beds I think. I haven’t got the figures exactly to hand but there are more beds in the independent sector than there are in the NHS, and as we live longer, we know the demographics.

They’re on the news everywhere, all the health people are very much aware of the ageing population and the pressures that is posing within the whole of society, not just the health economy. However, within the whole of society, there is in my opinion a lack of appreciation by those within the NHS for UK nursing home care.

Right from the Department of Health, through to the local commissioning CCG’s about the part that the independent sector nursing homes play within the wider health economy.

They are not thought of as an integral part and they are not given the value in consideration that other aspects of the NHS are given. So for me that is a continual worry and it always has been.

If we then think into more practical terms instead of strategic considerations which is where the NHS needs to be looking at UK nursing home care from a strategic point of view, if you think of the practical side then nursing homes are no different to any other organisation.’

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