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This blog forms part of my recently commissioned series of videos showcasing the philosophy and daily life at our Worcester dementia care home, Stanfield Nursing Home. In this article and accompanying video, Dan, one of our Senior Carers gives us his thoughts on working at our care home Worcester.

I work in Stanfield Nursing Home. It’s in Rushwick, Worcestershire.

We look after residents who are very advanced with dementia and Parkinson’s and making a difference every day is so rewarding.

Knowing that I know they’re okay. They’re having a nice time. They’re relaxed and not worried at all.

That puts a smile on my face.

At our Worcester dementia care home, we follow a person centered approach

I always go with the flow.

I always go how the residents want to…because dementia is … It can get the residents really muddled up and it can be really … in a different frame of mind.

They always go back to their childhood.

So to put them first I would say go with the frame of mind and we will talk about their past and what they’re thinking now.

Rather than getting them all muddled to say let’s go for lunch or so or do you need such and such.

But if we’re struggling to get the word across to them whatever their mind thinking what they’re trying to tell me we will go with that story what they’re trying to say to me.

Photos is such a powerful thing to have around the home residents because they never forget their photos.

One minute they may forget but they don’t forget.

We’ll walk into a room five, ten minutes later and we’ll have a chat. They’ll say, “that’s my wife”, and it’s very important because it just brings back everything for them in their past.

It’s lovely to have that because it makes them feel comfortable and safe.

It’s like a family environment and that’s important.

You walk in and everyone’s all having a laugh and jolly.

That’s so key in a nursing home.

We’ve got to do our job as carers but also as an environment we are a lovely happy family and it’s just how I would sum it up.

If you’d like to learn more about our Worcester dementia care home, whether for yourself or a loved one, please call us on 01905 420 459. You are very welcome to also arrange to come and have a look around our home and grounds.

Richard White

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