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This blog forms part of my recently commissioned series of videos showcasing the philosophy and daily life at Stanfield Nursing Home. I hope this particular article helps you to learn more about our Worcester care home ethos. 

The whole of our Worcester care home ethos is that our nursing home is second best.

People would often prefer to be in their own home.

Having recognized that we’re second best, we aim to make our care home Worcester the very best second best home.

I suppose one of the questions that I ask myself is what sets Stanfield apart from other nursing homes?

The basic philosophy that Stanfield nursing home follows is linked to Bradford University and the work of Professor Tom Kitwood.

He basically put forward a view of personhood.

Now, I’m a trained therapist and I’d followed the work of Carl Rogers, who’d initially thought of working with people who are in distress in a person centered way.

What Professor Kitwood did was he took that theory and moved it into healthcare and one element of his work was personhood.

Our Worcester care home ethos directs the way we deliver our care

I demand that my staff treat our residents as they would wish to be treated themselves. In addition, that they confer on our residents a rich life and value that rich life that the resident has lived.

And, it just so happens that we’re privileged to support them at this stage in their life.

From that basic Worcester care home ethos, which is modeled every single day by the whole of the team, people who join the care team soon pick up that just because somebody happens to be 88, they’re not at the end of their life.

It may be approaching but they have lived a rich and wonderful life, have got stories to share.

And sometimes my staff are absolutely dumbstruck at the life some of our residents have lived.

Richard White

If you’d like to learn more about our Worcester care home, whether for yourself or a loved one, please call us on 01905 420 459. Alternatively, you are very welcome to arrange to come and have a look around our home and grounds.

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