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Vamos Theatre have created The Wednesday Wave. This is a national and international campaign designed to combat loneliness amongst care home residents and those who feel isolated during the current pandemic. Covid-19 has drastically shaped the lives of those in and out of care homes. With visiting and daily life restricted, families and their loved ones may experience increased loneliness during these times.

Starting from the 14th of October at 3pm on Wednesdays anyone and everyone is encouraged to wave, wherever they see The Wednesday Wave poster displayed! This will run until the 16th of December this year.

This is more than just a care home campaign. More than half a million vulnerable people, including many near you, are unable to leave their homes due to coronavirus. Those who are isolating must not be forgotten. The impact that a friendly wave can have on loneliness is huge.

Throughout the ten weeks, Vamos Theatre will be promoting stories and pictures of those taking part, encouraging more and more people to join in. Each wave helps everyone feel a little better.

Check out Vamos Theatre’s short film series How Hard Is Waving? On BBC iPlayer.

How you can help

  • Put up posters in your windows, staff notice boards, etc
  • Let others know about The Wednesday Wave personally!
  • Get in touch with your local paper, radio or other media and tell them about The Wednesday Wave

We hope you can all join us and Vamos Theatre in helping combat loneliness. From 3pm on Wednesdays, let the waving begin!

What about Stanfield?

Throughout this year we have made changes to the way we have run our home. Previously we would encourage visitors at any time, such as arriving for a breakfast coffee with their loved one. The open house approach tried to mirror a family home where family members and friends would visit as often as they like. However at present our doors are closed to any visitors following weekly guidance from Public Health England detailing visiting guidelines.

This exclusion also extends to our regular musical entertainers who used to visit the home every week. In continuing our standard of care we have put in place measures to support the wellbeing of those we care for with changes to these activities. We have upheld our normal schedule and activities in a socially distanced, virus-free capacity. They allow everyone to socialise and continue their hobbies throughout the pandemic.

We are so excited to incorporate The Wednesday Wave in our home with all our other activities!

Contacting Stanfield Nursing Home

If you are interested in learning more about The Wednesday Wave, head to the website. For more information on Stanfield Nursing Home, you can visit our website or call 01905 420 459 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.