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At Stanfield, we understand that our nursing care home is second best. As a result, we aim to make it the very best second best.

Stanfield as a home from home

When people come to our Worcester nursing home, looking for care, one of the things they often ask is “What goes on in the day?”

Daily life at Stanfield Nursing Home is very much like a family home. We try to mirror the routines and activities they would have in their own home.

This can involve things as simple as getting up at a time appropriate to them. In the past, we have cared for farmers who like to rise around five to six in the morning. Similarly, we care for people who have never risen until eleven o’clock.

We have also found that the Stanfield team view our nursing care home as their second home. One of our Activities Coordinators has previously said “Stanfield Nursing Home is a second home for me. I spend as much time here as I do with my own family, so this is my second family. I’ve got all these extra nannies and granddads and aunties and uncles and family.”

Making Stanfield Nursing Home your home

When people first come to live with us at Stanfield we ask them and their families to bring personalised items.

Families often ask us whether they can bring their own furniture as well. The policy at our nursing care home is that you can bring any personal items, as long as we can risk assess them.

One of the most important items that we ensure people we care for bring with them are family photos. Using photos when caring for people with dementia is very important to ensuring people remain comfortable and feel relaxed in their environment. We ask families to put labels on the back so that when we’re talking about the photographs with people, we know who we’re talking about and it’s not a superficial exercise.

Continually improving our nursing care home

Stanfield House is a striking Georgian house in Worcester, with the earliest parts of the building dating back to 1546. We are in the process of continual renewal and refreshing the building. Every day we assess whether a room needs to be redecorated or whether new furniture is needed.

Health and safety assessments can really improve the quality of care and environment for people in our nursing care home. Simple things like ensuring that we have a thermostatic valve on radiators to avoid burns if people bump into them.

Our work is no different to everybody’s life in their own home. We’re seeking to bring happiness and joy into the lives of people we care for and our staff so that they can work happily to provide people with the individual care they need.

And more importantly, what they should be getting at this time of their life.

Nursing Care Home in Worcester

If you are interested in the care we provide at Stanfield Nursing Home, please visit our website today. Alternatively, you can call 01905 420 459 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team. You can also check out our social media for daily updates.

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