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Why music helps those with dementia

There are multiple ways of communicating with people who live with dementia in a care home, music being one of them. Activation of a different area of the brain to language means there are other ways to interact with those who no longer have full capability of speech. Music is, therefore, not only used to stimulate the brain, but also communicate through eliciting forgotten memories that were attached to certain songs, such as a wedding song or something sung to their children. This is why music is such an important aspect of the care provided at Stanfield Nursing Home.

Music therapy in nursing homes

Music is especially integral to residents’ lives due to the benefits of stimulating social interaction and reducing isolation as well as encouraging physical activity through dance. It also aids connecting with others around them through expression of feelings and ideas.

Musical therapy is mainly delivered through inviting local musicians to perform in the home, be that regularly or as  special one-time occasion depending on the artist. Something considered at the home is the type of music that would benefit residents; for example, genres and sounds popular during residents’ youth. It is important to ensure the entertainment is something that individuals will enjoy and engage with for the benefits to occur.

Corinne Frost and Music at Stanfield

As part of the activities arranged in our dementia care home, we regularly have visiting entertainers who provide an engaging session of musical performance for our residents. Whether they experience dementia or not, all are welcome to join in the fun and spend time reminiscing with one another.

One of these entertainers is Corinne Frost, an experienced cello artist who we invite to perform on a monthly basis. She studied music at the Royal Academy of Music and went on to play in the Philharmonia Orchestra. In 1993 she came to Worcestershire as co-principal cellist of the English Symphony Orchestra and English String Orchestra.

Corinne’s passion for sharing music extends to bringing live performances to our home and many others. This was magnified through initiating the English String Orchestra Care Homes and Hospices programme in 2007 which allows people in care homes access to musical stimulation in their daily lives. The tremendous sense of warmth and humour raises spirits and responsiveness of not only the audience but also care home staff and visitors.

Contacting Stanfield Nursing Home

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