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With the developments of technology and increased social media use, we live in a world more connected than ever before. Apps like FaceTime and Zoom have allowed the people we care for at Stanfield Nursing Home to stay in touch with family members and friends. This doesn’t necessarily mean these are combating loneliness. In spite of all of this, loneliness and social isolation are still big problems in our society.

Loneliness is not a case of simply being alone. Some people are perfectly happy being alone, and some are not. It often stems from people feeling that their social needs are unmet. Even when surrounded by others and engaging in numerous social interactions, one can still feel lonely. Despite access to ways in which we can connect people with their loved ones through video call, they may lack the quality of face-to-face interactions in our nursing home. This can have negative effects on our health. Loneliness has not only been linked to mental health problems, but also to physical consequences such as high blood pressure.

As a result, we would like to offer some tips and tricks for people who may struggle with loneliness over the Christmas period and New Year.

Tips for combating loneliness and social isolation

  1. Take up a new hobby – join a class or group to share a new activity with others. This could be something active like walking and yoga, or a class or group to learn a new craft or skill.
  2. Share your interests with others – this could mean telling friends about your hobby or joining a club to share these experiences with others.
  3. Volunteer – helping others can help you meet new people and as you contribute positively to society, this increases feelings of wellbeing.
  4. Open up to existing contacts – try to talk more to people you already know, either by talking about how you are feeling or simply by letting them into your personal world e.g. by telling them about your day. You can also try to open up to new people.
  5. Join an online community – Social networks can help you connect with others, and there will likely be a group of people online who share your interests and would be happy to connect with you. Some people find it easier to connect with others online than in person.

Contacting Stanfield Nursing Home

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