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At Stanfield Nursing Home in Worcester, we are delighted to welcome and provide care home placement opportunities to students wishing to undertake placements in our warm and friendly care setting.

About Stanfield Nursing Home

Stanfield Nursing Home is a beautiful picturesque Georgian house which boasts breathtaking views  overlooking well-kept sensory gardens and open farmland. Once inside, visitors and residents are greeted with the charm and warmth which flows from the character of the house and is bestowed upon its residents. Our residents may wish to relax in our beautiful sitting room and socialise with other residents, or they may prefer to make the most of the beautiful surroundings which Stanfield offers. They may also simply prefer the comforts of their own room in our peaceful home. Whatever they prefer, we will ensure we do our utmost to meet the individual needs of all our nursing home residents. We always welcome opportunities to expand upon what we already offer, which is why we have embraced the opportunity to provide care home placements to students; we are confident this will enrich day-to-day life even more for our residents here.

The importance of placement opportunities within a nursing home

Our nursing home residents’ happiness is at the heart of everything we do here at Stanfield. As a leading care home in Worcester, we believe that placement opportunities will enrich and optimise life for our residents in many ways.  We have a strong relationship with Worcester University and this provides us with a valuable connection to the local academic community. The students who join us on placement with us are from varied backgrounds and are all passionate about developing their knowledge and skills in a care home environment.. We believe that this will not only be beneficial to them but also to us and our residents as we learn new ideas from the students and can introduce new ideas in care that will enhance the lives of  our residents. Having the care home placement students around the home often invokes interest and our residents frequently enjoy talking to them; sometimes they learn from one another!

About our care home placement students

One of our care home placement students Dawn Goodall is currently a lecturer at Worcester University and is carrying out research studies on the experience of being a health care student on a placement.  As a nursing assistant at Stanfield, Dawn is working with senior members of the team at all times and will also complete the Care Certificate during this time. This is achieved by completing 200 work experience hours within our Home. Dawn will also be creating reflective diaries using different formats in order to explore her personal journey regarding her student  placement experience, these will be made available to the home following completion of her research projects. Her time providing nursing care in Worcester brings a wealth of knowledge and skills which can be passed on to our residents here at Stanfield Nursing Home. Residents are greeted with her cheerful face on Mondays when she attends her care home placement. Dawn is one of the 6 students who we are currently providing placement opportunities for and we believe the students are playing a huge role in increasing enthusiasm and passion around the home – whilst providing the excellent care being taught to them by our experienced staff.  

Contact Stanfield Nursing Home today

If you would like to find out more information about care home placements at Stanfield Nursing Home call 01905 420 459 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team or email us at contact-form@stanfieldnursing.co.uk

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