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Our dementia care home garden is a place for people we care for to relax and reminisce in the sunshine or the shade. It also offers a wonderful amount of dementia-related benefits with gardening activities.

Benefits of a Care Home Garden for Dementia

Part of Stanfield’s care philosophy is to make our nursing home feel like a home away from home. This is why we use our care home garden for exactly that, especially with dementia gardening activities.

Leading Independent Lives

We encourage people to live as independently as they can. There are plenty of opportunities to do this. Giving people responsibility for things they are growing helps them to lead an independent life.

One of our activities coordinators once said, “It’s not just the plants that are growing, it’s our residents’ comfort.”

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Finding Happiness in Gardening for the Elderly

Gardening can also be a great source of joy and relaxation. The simple act of planting flowers or vegetables can reduce stress and help with anxiety and depression. This can help with a number of health issues.

It is common knowledge that gardening reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke. A recent study specifically found that gardening can reduce the risk of stroke patients dying by half.

Planting seeds can also give people a sense of purpose. Nurturing their plants and watching them grow can give feelings of fulfilment and satisfaction when they see them bloom.

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Upgrading our Dementia Garden at Stanfield Care Home

We recently had new fencing put around our Worcester Nursing Home garden. With the grass cut and spring flowers blossoming, the gardens are looking very colourful at present with lots of spring flowers blossoming.

This is thanks to the efforts of both our care home staff and those we care for.

We are always committed to improving our care home for all those we care for. This doesn’t just include physical upgrades to the home. Part of this includes broadening our understanding and knowledge of providing nursing care. As well as staying on top of recent research into the common diseases and disorders people face in elderly life.

Nursing Care in Worcester

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