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Here is one of our latest videos featured on our You Tube channel in which care home director, Richard White, talks our nursing home residents finding happiness:

Listen to our Director Richard White discuss how we ensure the happiness of our residents:

“Nobody was talking about the impending wedding of Harry and Megan Markle on Saturday and when I quizzed them they had got little plans but I threw a spanner in the works! So we are now having a wedding celebration at Stanfield Nursing Home.

We’ve changed all the menus around we are having a traditional English roast beef lunch on the Saturday. A wedding celebration with lots of Prosecco for those people who can drink it and lovely sparkling water for those who unfortunately can’t, and the whole day has been turned into a fun-filled day. The directors will be wearing appropriate royal garb and the matron has promised to come dressed in the biggest hat she can find for the wedding and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We tend to have a plan, because a plan is necessary but the plan never controls us, especially when I’m about to throw a spanner in the works. We have summer fetes organised and this year we have a lot of residents who’ve always enjoyed gardening so they’ve sewn seeds and they’ve pricked them out and they all developing nicely. Although our residents mobility isn’t what it used to be some years ago they can still plant seeds, plant little plants and they’ve really taken over one garden area quite successfully and to their own joy.”

To hear Richard in full please watch the whole video.

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