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No business like show business

Due to the nature of our nursing home services, we strive to continuously improve the experience for our residents through person-centred care. We achieve this through our monthly plan of daily activities containing care home favourites such as visits from musical entertainers, arts and crafts, and movie time. This month we decided to add a special event of a pantomime show which was open to all residents and their relatives to spend an exciting day together. The wonderful production was followed by refreshments in the Oak Room for residents and our visitors to relax and have a chat in good spirits!

Encouraging engagement is an important aspect of caring for individuals, especially those with dementia. Promoting mental stimulation from the environment can often help improve their personal management and independence, as well as their socialisation skills and emotional needs. Having the knowledge and skills to meaningfully engage with people with dementia is a key part of what Stanfield Nursing Home aims to provide in our care.

Through our individualised philosophy of care we observe activities in nursing homes that are particularly stimulating for our residents. Through this we have discovered musical therapy is not only a favourite among people but is also one of the most effective in nurturing attention and participation. Therefore we arrange weekly musical therapy from a range of genres and instruments with the same people who our residents will be able to familiarise with and feel comfortable to express themselves around. These include Ray, Terry, Corinne Frost, Reaction Music, Kim, and Les who are all delightful to have visit.

Wimbledon Championships

Another main attraction this month involved everyone gathering together for two weeks of Wimbledon fun! It was a very enjoyable time for both staff and residents as we all joined together to socialise and share our interest in sports. Amongst all the entertainment, we wanted to make sure our residents stayed nice and cool during the summer weather, we provided tubs of ice cream in many flavours.

Daily activities at our Worcester care home

When caring for individuals in our residence, motivating participation in hobbies and pass-times is imperative to maintaining an active lifestyle. The social aspects of our group activities combat loneliness and raise spirits in the home. As part of this we like to provide a range of activities in nursing homes that cater to everyone’s preference. These include:

  • Arts and crafts – often used for decor on our memory tree
  • Musical entertainment – arranged weekly with a selection of genres and instruments
  • Movie time and story time – chosen by our residents
  • Tabletop games and more!

Information on daily activities happening in our care home is regularly updated on our social media accounts, which can be found on our website. With no formal visiting times, our home is open every day to visitors who wish to spend time with our residents. From families to volunteers, we invite you to come along and join in the fun!

Contacting Stanfield Nursing Home

If you are interested in finding out more information about the monthly and daily activities we arrange then head to our website today. Alternatively, you can visit our social media or call 01905 420 459 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.