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The entire team at Stanfield Nursing Home strive to make the care home a place of enjoyment and fulfilment by offering events and activities for nursing home residents. With over thirty years of experience in elderly and dementia care, we have a deep understanding of what it takes to run a successful residential home, and we are proud to have implemented a wide range of strategies in order to make residents’ time here one to remember.

The importance of activities for nursing home residents

At Stanfield Nursing Home we put a wide emphasis on providing activities for nursing home residents to take part in and to engage with. One of our main policies for nursing care is to ensure that our residents have the opportunities needed to stay as active and stimulated as possible. It is important for residents to stay engaged with their hobbies and interests as participating in such activities helps to stimulate their sensory, emotional and cognitive senses. Alongside these benefits, care home activities also encourage residents to form friendships and bonds with fellow residents therefore improving their social life and their overall emotional wellbeing. Using a person-centred care approach, our staff will work closely with residents to find out their own personal interests and hobbies that they enjoyed before they came to live with us. Then, we’ll be sure to make sure these findings are reflected in our activity planning so that we can encourage as many residents as we can to get involved. We will also support residents who wish to take up new hobbies and activities too.

Celebrating traditional and seasonal events

We know that many of the elderly whom we care for, will have a previous background of celebrating traditional and seasonal events and occasions. In order to make residents feel as at home as possible, we always try to maintain these types of traditions by celebrating them here at Stanfield Nursing Home too. Most recently, we threw a Royal Wedding event to celebrate the recent royal wedding with residents. The elderly are the most common generation to want to celebrate royal occasions and we knew that there would be fun all round for those who wished to participate. We changed the food menus around and cooked a traditional English Roast Beef lunch followed by plenty of celebrations for the Royal Wedding. This included lots of prosecco for those who could drink it, and refreshing sparkling water for those who couldn’t. The staff dressed up in their finest attire and our matron wore her largest hat! This joyous event is just one example of how we like to keep residents living to their full potential with nursing home activities here at Stanfield Nursing Home.

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