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Mother’s Day

This year was a little different in our Worcester nursing care. We celebrated this year by many busy days decorating the home with flowers to give it a lovely spring-feel. We also created a special menu for the day which involved an afternoon tea in the afternoon. Fresh scones were served with preserves and cream with tea and coffee. Sandwiches and cocktail sausages, sausage rolls and crisps were arranged around them.

For lunch we served a traditional roast beef, creamed potatoes and Yorkshire puddings and a tomato. Also an aubergine bake for the vegetarian option plus a curry for those who enjoy spicy food. Dessert was a lovely chocolate and pear sponge with ice cream or cream.

In addition, each person we care for received a small pot of bulbs for them to grow.

St Patrick’s Day

For St Patrick’s Day we added to the floral décor with some classic four leaf clovers and gold items. A special menu was planned again with another afternoon tea of Irish Pot Gold cakes. The main meal of the day included either Beef and Guinness casserole or Irish colcannon mac and cheese with an Irish apple cake for dessert.

We had a wonderful time reminiscing about people’s experiences of St Patrick’s Day events that we attended earlier in our lives.

You can read more about the food we provide those we care for on our website.

Stanfield’s Nutrition

As part of our Worcester nursing care, we offer intensive nutritional support for people we care for. We understand you will be looking for reassurance that your loved one will be receiving care that suits their personal needs. Our staff are dedicated to delivering person-centred care that will help to achieve the highest possible quality of life.

With this in mind, we take great care when it comes to the nutritional diets of our residents. Intensive nutritional support is something that we deliver to lots of our people daily. Many of those we care for are able to participate fully at meal times. However, for a number who are experiencing dementia, this is not always the case. This is when we provide intensive nutritional support.

Contacting Stanfield Nursing Home

If you would like to follow daily updates on activities as part of our Worcester nursing care you can check out our social media. If you want more information on Stanfield Nursing Home then head to our website. Alternatively, you can call 01905 420 459 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.