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It’s true, I can’t deny it, I have an obsession with feet! Some people at Stanfield, would even go so far as to say that I have a foot fetish. It’s not what you think – I am obsessed with feet but only from the perspective of providing excellent podiatry nursing care services for our elderly residents.

On the surface, this might seem a small thing to be obsessed about. But, what people often don’t realise, is that maintaining good foot care is an important part of preventing falls in the elderly. You can see what the The Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists say about foot care for the elderly, diabetic and those with poor circulation here. Excellent foot health is something that we take very seriously at Stanfield Nursing Home. It consequently forms an integral part of our nursing care services philosophy. Our care home team members are naturally at the forefront. However, we are supported by a visiting Podiatrist, Nicky, who delivers the qualified care and helps all our staff in managing the process. As well as being absolutely brilliant with our residents!

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Why excellent foot care is such an important part of the services at our Worcester care home:

Foot care problems tend to happen if you’re less mobile than you used to be, something which is common in the elderly. Other factors that can play a part in foot health decline is thinning skin. As well as, uncut toenails due to reduced mobility to bend down, and diseases such as diabetes.

Residents who have diabetes are at particular risk because of the damage to sensation and circulation that can be caused by raised blood sugars. If proper nursing care is not applied and conditions are left untreated, these can develop into more serious complications such as foot ulcers and infections.

Links Between Podiatric Health And Levels Of Falling

The nature of being a care home means we see many of these foot health factors in our residents. As professionals, we understand there is a link between poor podiatric health and the level of falls in the elderly. Falls can cause serious injury in older people. Bruises, lacerations and broken bones being common and often resulting in hospitalisation.

Poor podiatric health is such a significant contributory factor to falls. So, addressing it is vital and is also something relatively simple with the appropriate nursing care services. In addition, by helping to protect our residents and reducing falls, we are helping to ease the pressures on the NHS. This is by assisting in the prevention of injuries and hospital stays.

Stanfield Nursing Home | Podiatry Care Services For The Elderly

For these reasons, I have made it my personal mission to impress upon the families of our Worcester care home residents the importance of good podiatry. So, you can see – it’s not such a small thing to be obsessed about after all!

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