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Support for you and your loved one living with dementia is crucial. Stanfield Nursing Home, located in Worcester, has been providing nursing care for over 32 years. We are very familiar with the challenges people face with a dementia diagnosis.

Whether you are looking for a local care home or you are considering staying with us, we’re here to support and guide you throughout.

Dementia Support at Stanfield Nursing Home

Care provided at Stanfield takes many forms, such as general nursing care, palliative care, or dementia care. As a result, we understand how important specialist dementia care is for those who are experiencing the disease.

We are one of Worcestershire’s leading care homes providing support for dementia. We have a team of highly trained dementia care specialists. This means we can provide the very best support for dementia and help your loved one in as many ways as possible.

Knowing what to do when a loved one is diagnosed with dementia can be difficult at first. These things don’t usually happen on a planned basis. Additionally, there may be a limited amount of time to find somewhere for your loved one to stay and be cared for. This situation can leave you experiencing lots of emotions all at once. Stress, sadness, guilt, helplessness.

We’ve put together a few things to consider when looking for dementia support.

Making Sure Our Care Home Is Right For You

When people are considering nursing home admissions, we want to make sure that our nursing home is right for you and for us.

Stanfield Nursing Home is a family. Therefore, if we bring somebody new into the home, they’re joining our family. This is something we have to bear in mind in all admissions.

Your family is joining our family so it’s got to be right.

Visiting Stanfield Nursing Home

You can come by and visit Stanfield at any time to assess whether we’re the right place for you.

First, we will show you around the nursing home. We have permission from some families to go into certain rooms so that we can show you what our physical accommodation is like. Stanfield offers a wide range of environments. For example, people can choose to join in daily activities with others in our Oak Lounge or relax in our dementia sensory garden.

Then, we sit down with you and your family to discuss what it is you want for your loved one at this time. During this, we will discuss the assessment in a very open and caring way and arrive at the very best solution.

After visiting Stanfield Nursing Home you may go away and think of a few things you were not able to discuss at the time. Don’t be afraid to come back and have another look.

Alternatively, we can go and meet you and your family to undertake a complete assessment at home.

Speak to a Member of Our Team for Dementia Support

As part of seeking the right dementia support, speaking to staff is crucial.

Caring for people at Stanfield is a privilege. If you have a chat with members of our team, you’ll discover just how rewarding they find it.

Stanfield staff are experts in providing specialist dementia care. Not only that, but we also follow a person-centred care philosophy. Everyone at Stanfield is treated as an individual with their own unique needs and wants. Care plans are specifically tailored to the person. So you can rest assured your loved ones are receiving the best possible dementia support and care for them.

Simply having a friendly face to talk to can help ease the worries and frustrations of looking for dementia support.

We’re here to help you as well as your loved one.

Leading Dementia Care Home in Worcestershire

As well as providing dementia care, Stanfield Nursing Home offer general nursing care for your loved ones, including rest-of-life care.

If you are interested in the specialist dementia care we provide at Stanfield Nursing Home, please visit our website today. Alternatively, you can call 01905 420 459 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team. You can also check out our social media for daily updates.

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