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COVID-19 and Dementia

Over the past year, much research has been conducted on the effects of COVID-19 with other diseases and illnesses. One cause of concern is dementia.

There are a number of people who contract coronavirus that go on to experience ‘long covid’. A common symptom of long covid is ‘brain fog’. This umbrella term includes a range of cognitive difficulties such as issues with concentration, memory, and language. These are all issues seen in those living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. In most patients, such symptoms are expected to resolve over time but there is worry that it may be the catalyst to developing the disease.

Aside from the direct effects COVID-19 has on the brain, scientists have also warned that increased isolation and social distancing is itself a risk factor for dementia. This is likely due to people missing the cognitive stimulation that is common for helping to delay the onset of dementia.

Why Choose Stanfield

More than 920,000 people in the UK are living with dementia – a number expected to rise to over a million by 2024 (Alzheimer’s Society, 2019). This number could increase further in light of the findings connected to COVID-19. As a result, places in dementia nursing homes are more valuable than ever.

Stanfield Nursing Home is Worcester’s only independent dementia nursing home. We have been providing dementia care for over 30 years. As an experienced care home, we provide the highest possible standards of care for all of our residents. Many of whom are living with dementia.

Because of this, we have a team of highly trained dementia care specialists. This means we can provide the very best in specialist dementia care to help in the best ways possible.

Enabling people to lead as independent lives as possible is part of our nursing home’s core philosophy. This involves encouraging them to take on hobbies and getting involved in activities we hold. One example of a regular activity is music therapy.

Music Therapy  At Stanfield Nursing Home

Healthcare professionals are increasingly using music therapy as a successful treatment to improve distressing symptoms associated with dementia. Activation of different areas of the brain, such as ones for sound and language, means there are ways to interact with those who no longer have full capability of speech. Music, therefore, not only stimulates the brain but also communicates by eliciting forgotten memories attached to certain songs, such as a wedding song or something sung to their children.

Previously, we were inviting local musicians to perform in the home, be that regularly or as a special one-time occasion. Since the pandemic, the Activities Lead, who is a musician, now delivers musical therapy and regularly brings instruments in. Something considered at the home is the type of music that would benefit residents; for example, genres and sounds popular during residents’ youth. It is important to ensure the entertainment is something that individuals will enjoy and engage with for the benefits to occur.

Contacting Stanfield Nursing Home

If you are interested in finding out more information about our dementia nursing home and the dementia care provided at Stanfield, then head to our website today. You can also stay up-to-date with all our care home news on our social media. Alternatively, you can call 01905 420 459 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.