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The objective of our care home visiting guidance during the pandemic is to minimise the risk wherever possible for people, their families and friends, members of staff or other visitors to the home, from becoming infected with COVID-19. Therefore, ensuring that people we support and care for are provided with the opportunity to stay in contact with their families and friends.

When visiting our care home, we minimise this risk by following guidance from a variety of official sources, such as the Government, Care Quality Commission and South Worcestershire Clinical Commissioning Group. This includes Infection Prevention & Control Measures such as wearing PPE and participating in the home testing programme.

Stanfield Nursing Home completely shut its doors on 23rd March 2020 for non-essential visits. Since then, we have built a purpose-designed visiting room. It is on the exterior of the building with direct access from the main home. This was built for alternative ways to maintain contact between the people living at the home and their families and friends. Other methods included letters and video calls with the help of our staff.

Visiting Stanfield Nursing Home in the Pandemic

Under the current guidance, everyone visiting our care home is required to follow the home’s booking system and visiting protocol. The details of this are set below.

This information distinguishes between different types of visits from families or friends of people:

  • It is now up to two nominated ‘named visitors’ with the option to ‘unscreened’ and close contact visits. Government guidance describes hand-holding as acceptable for this type of visit but advises against it.
  • ‘Screened’ visits in the purpose-built visiting room
  • Window visits
  • Outdoor visiting
  • Essential caregivers
  • Exceptional circumstances, such as the end of life

The guidance allows for up to two ‘Named Visitors’ for each person to visit without a screen. However, they need to be wearing the appropriate PPE. Therefore, we ask family and friends to agree with the person we support and care for and amongst themselves if and who they want to nominate and what other visiting options they want to pursue.

Please inform us about the decision and contact us if you have any questions about this. All the information provided will inform the best interest decision where indicated and the visiting care plan.

When it is safe to open our doors to loved ones we will be back to our regular open visiting at any time.

Contacting Stanfield Nursing Home

If you have any queries about visiting Stanfield during the pandemic, then head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call 01905 420 459 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team. You can also check out our social media for daily updates.

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