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Staff Training in Stanfield Nursing Home

Responsibility of staff in care homes is essential to quality of care. To make sure we continually benefit both staff and residents, we are always aspiring to achieve the best in safeguarding. Commitment to the welfare of our residents forms a central part of how we improve the quality of life for them. Therefore, it is important to keep up-to-date with the latest understanding in how to care for older people through care standards and legislation. It is also key to be open to implementing new procedures that would further benefit the life of loved ones.

Stanfield Nursing Home achieves this care home training with our Continuous Professional Development Policy. We are committed to providing all our staff with opportunities to undergo further training to enhance their skills and qualifications. All members of the Stanfield team attend courses on person-centred care, protecting vulnerable adults and many more aspects of the support and care we offer for residents. This ensures everyone is always fully equipped to meet all residents’ physical and emotional needs and safeguard their health and safety.

Impaired Cognition and Consent

There are various training programmes offered for those working in nursing homes. The consent course at Stanfield Nursing Home tackles a fundamental ethical consideration that comes with care. When people are not entirely in control of their day-to-day lives and welfare, through physical and or emotional frailty, consent becomes a more potent issue. Expressing consent under such conditions of impaired cognition function or communication is a much more complex and challenging process. This is one of the main aspects which care home director, Richard White, wanted to address and enhance to better residents’ quality of care.

Gebeai Training helped to develop our consent course by combining legislation governing the care of residents who no longer have the capacity to do so themselves, with an emotional understanding around the concept of consent when cognitive skills are impaired. Gebeai are a training body whose ethos surrounds having the understanding and ability of how to apply knowledge to the workplace. In our care home training, we apply this, married with a greater understanding of the resident and the ability of our staff to improve and respect their individuality.

Feedback from our Stanfield Nursing Home staff who undertook the training showed the clear positive impact on not only the residents, but also them:

  • “A truly amazing experience – the best I’ve encountered in my professional career”
  • “Relevant, thought-provoking and timely”
  • “I like the fact that instead of telling us what to think about something we were made to think about it by being put into situations. It really gave you a sense of perspective and empathy.”

Contacting Stanfield Nursing Home

If you are interested in finding out more information about our care home training for our staff then head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call 01905 420 459 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.