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Daily Life at our Worcester Nursing Home

Stanfield Nursing Home Worcester is a home from home.

Because our elderly care focuses on individual needs, daily life and routines at our Worcester nursing home are flexible.

Elderly care at Stanfield is based on a person-centred approach. We tailor all care plans to the individual. As part of this, we encourage our residents to be as independent as they are able. We also encourage them to choose how they spend their time.

From meals to activities, we want day-to-day living at Stanfield Nursing Home to feel stimulating and enjoyable for each individual.

It is our mission to make living at our Worcester nursing home as close to living in a family home as possible, by mirroring what might go on in someone’s home. Finding elderly care for a loved one that is close to you can be important for this, as well as convenient for you.

When someone comes to live with us we take time to understand their unique needs and wants.

If someone is traditionally a late riser then we make a note of this. There is no need for them to change that if they don’t want to.

What Might a Typical Day Be Like at Our Worcester Nursing Home?

There’s a natural rhythm to daily life at Stanfield.

In the mornings, people get up and we are there to support them. The level of support required by each person varies. We are there in whatever capacity we are needed. There are registered nurses on hand 24 hours a day supported by a professional team of qualified carers.

Whilst our team are here to help our residents in whatever way they need, they also continually try to promote residents’ independence in all ways. That might be by encouraging them to wash and dress wherever possible.

At mealtimes, residents are encouraged to choose a meal from the menu or the daily choice supported by the usual favourites we know our residents enjoy. However, where required, our care staff are on hand to help or supervise in order to ensure residents are staying hydrated and getting adequate nutrition by completing their drinks and meals.

Throughout The Day

People are free to spend their time as they wish during the day. We always have a good selection of activities to choose from and each day we post the daily activity on our central monitor for all to see. Individuals can join in to whatever extent they choose. Equally, they are just as welcome to relax in the shared areas of the house, gardens or in the privacy of their room.

Drinks and snacks are available throughout the day. We serve lunch from 12.30pm to 2pm and our evening meal around 5.45pm onwards,

In the evenings, our Worcester nursing home staff are there to support residents who require help with their nightly routines.

The whole day is very relaxed. The number of staff we have on duty helps us to ensure both residents and staff don’t feel rushed in any situation.

Visiting takes place throughout the day. We promote open visiting and have a flexible approach to visiting times. Our first visitors usually arrive around 8am and the last leave around 11pm.

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