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Preparing for the transition

Any big change in lifestyle, such as moving into a care home, requires huge emotional adjustments. Especially when families are faced with the decision to give up caring for their loved one. Naturally, elderly people may not cope well with the surprise. Therefore, discussing the idea beforehand can ease their minds so that any questions or worries can hopefully be tackled. However, you do not need to do this alone. Such an emotive journey can feel overwhelming for everyone which is why we at Stanfield Nursing Home provide the necessary support.

Communication is a key aspect for families and their relatives and as a nursing home we have learnt over the decades that discussing everything in advance is highly beneficial for the process to be easier. It also gives you and your family the time to explain the decisions that are taking place and why. As might be expected, these conversations may feel uncomfortable to begin with. But, having them early on ensures time to adjust for both you and your loved one.

Choosing a nursing home

A good approach that you may want to start with is planning this new life change with your loved one. Allow them the opportunity to put forward their opinion. As well as, voice any anxieties they may have about moving into a care home. This is also a crucial time to understand what they may want or prefer when considering certain homes.

Researching quality nursing homes for the first time can seem quite daunting. What is most meaningful to consider when refining your search is the best and most appropriate possible care. There are a range of circumstances that lead to an individual requiring care beyond the home and it is important to ensure that you are informed on the correct type of care for your loved one. Nursing homes provide a variety of services from rest of life care, general nursing care, specialist dementia care, and more.

Beyond the costs and location, consider the lifestyle of your loved one when asking questions about activities and meals. It is also beneficial to visit the nursing home and speak to staff; make sure you and your loved one feel welcomed. At our Worcestershire care home we have a friendly team who are always on hand to assist in person or on the phone if you ever wish to call and ask questions.

Beyond the move

The first week after moving into a care home is a difficult time for everyone. Bringing in home comforts such as your photos, music and even cushions aid this transition. As well as encouraging them to develop new relationships with other residents and join in activities. With fundamental changes to their surroundings and way of life it is important to reassure them that you are still there to support and care for them, despite these adjustments.

Moving into a care home has been made harder during the COVID-19 pandemic. When visiting Stanfield, we minimise this risk by following guidance from a variety of official sources, such as the Government, Care Quality Commission and South Worcestershire Clinical Commissioning Group. This includes Infection Prevention & Control Measures such as wearing PPE, and participating in the home testing programme.

The guidance allows for up to two ‘Named Visitors’ for each person to visit without a screen, wearing the appropriate PPE. Therefore, we ask family and friends to agree with the person we support and care for. Additionally, amongst themselves decide if and who they want to nominate and what other visiting options they want to pursue. We understand this can be challenging during the first few weeks apart. Please inform us about the decision and contact us if you have any questions around this.

Contacting Stanfield Nursing Home

If you are interested in finding out more information about moving into a care home, head to our website today. Alternatively, you can visit our social media for daily updates on activities in our home or call 01905 420 459 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.