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Our Nursing Home Staff

Stanfield’s Nursing Home Staff are at the Heart of Our Care Home

Every member of our nursing home staff takes a personal interest in each of our residents. Our residents’ health, happiness and safety are at the heart of everything we do.

Our highly qualified Registered Manager, Judy Hillbrook, leads the team and we are proud of our nursing home’s staff retention levels which means we can offer stability and excellent continuity of care to our residents.

Our Registered Nurses have been at Stanfield on average for 10 years.

Within our team of nursing home staff, you’ll find Registered Nurses on duty twenty-four hours a day. Our Registered Nurses lead a team of highly trained staff who look after residents’ individual needs.

Stanfield Nursing Home’s team bring our care philosophy and ethos to life. They are there to provide the very best individual care that is personalised to the unique needs of our residents.

An important part of Stanfield Nursing Home’s care philosophy is the ability of our nursing home staff to have social relationships with our residents. Staff are not just there to carry out their required duties.

To enable this to happen, we make sure that we have sufficient staffing levels and hours within the day for our care team, at all times. Therefore, this allows our staff to be able to meet our residents’ needs quite comfortably and not be stressed themselves.

For example, our meal and beverage staff are not just there to put a meal in front of somebody. They are there for the social occasion as well.

Our Nursing Home Staff Selection Process

Our robust staff selection process ensures that every new staff member who joins is both suitably skilled and shares our values.

We have a strong continuous professional development policy in place too. Our Continuous Professional Development programme ensures our nursing home staff frequently develop and reflect on their ability to provide high-quality care.

We teach Stanfield staff members both about the theory supporting the care we provide here and about how to practically deliver it.

To bring a breadth of experience to our team, we intentionally recruit from a variety of age groups and nationalities.

Our residents’ well-being is at the heart of everything we do here at Stanfield. For that reason, all of our staff members attend a variety of courses.

For example, on person-centred care, protecting vulnerable adults and food hygiene.

The most important thing to every member of staff at Stanfield Nursing Home is being able to provide a high-quality home-from-home environment.

We aim to make Stanfield feel like a family home, where we can build up strong, friendly relationships between staff and residents, whilst delivering the very best in care at all times.