Nursing Home Activities at Stansfield

We encourage our nursing home residents to keep up hobbies and interests. We provide practical help and support where it’s needed to do nursing home activities. This might include accompanying a resident on a regular trip to the local library, a shopping expedition or a visit to an activity centre. We also encourage residents to take up new interests; again, we offer support where it’s needed.

General newspapers and magazines are provided so residents can keep up with current affairs. We arrange subscriptions for residents who want to receive magazines related to their hobby or interest.

We have diversional therapists who facilitate and co-ordinate our leisure and recreational activities. All our activities are designed to support and enhance the psychological, social, emotional and physical well-being of our residents. Find out more about our approach to activities at Stanfield Nursing Home.

We have an excellent relationship with a Music Therapist who regularly visits the Home to lead music and singing sessions. The therapist also brings in a selection of instruments for our residents to enjoy playing.

Nursing Home Activities for all

We have visiting theatre companies, singers, poets, dancers and magicians who also put on shows at the Nursing Home.