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Diversional Therapy

Diversional Therapy helps our residents realise their potential and engage in meaningful and stimulating activities.

Our diversional therapist uses the Pool Activity Level (PAL) Instrument. This is widely used in person-centred health and social care settings.

The PAL instrument recognises that to unlock an individual’s potential you need to gain an understanding of their unique biography. Alongside this, their personality and their physical capabilities.

So, to do this, the therapist takes time to listen to personal reminiscences. Building up a detailed picture of their life history and taking time to understand their physical capabilities. As a result, working out the level of support and intervention they need and want in order to undertake everyday activities.

Then, our diversional therapist and the individual can form ideal occupations. Ones that they will find engaging. Naturally, the therapist’s work when drawing up an activity profile is not a one-off event. In fact, it is an ongoing exercise that develops and changes in order to meet their changing needs.

We have seen many of our residents experience increased self-confidence and self-esteem. Along with increased communication with others as a result of working with diversional therapy in this way. So, if you have a loved one who needs specialist care, perhaps you would like to read our nursing home admissions policy.

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